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Arntz | van Helden’s registered loss adjusters are specialised in all the engineering disciplines. On behalf of insurers, brokers, government agencies and industrial clients we adjust losses and conduct technical and risk inspections. Globally and 24/7. Our customers rely on our engineering expertise and integrity, underlined by our NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certification.

Our services

Our service offering includes:

  • loss adjusting and surveying
  • technical liability investigations
  • condition assessments
  • asset valuation
  • risk inspections, risk assessment and loss prevention
  • on-hire and off-hire inspections
  • Court expert activities and dispute resolution
  • third-party recoveries
  • consultancy
  • repair and salvage supervision

Our technical disciplines

Damage to fixed objects, including technical installations and machinery

The causes of damage under CAR and Property All Risks vary widely:

  • faulty design
  • defective materials
  • faulty workmanship
  • weather conditions
  • fire
  • explosion
  • vandalism

Claims dealt with under this discipline are related to for instance

  • industrial buildings, hospitals, etc. including the electrical and mechanical installations
  • civil constructions (quay walls, jetties, sunk and/or drilled tunnels)
  • bridges, viaducts and locks
  • environmental projects and installations
  • pipelines, including pipeline construction (pipe pushing, shield tunnelling, directional drilling methods – micro tunnelling and HDD)
  • dredging projects
  • petrochemical plants, tanks and LNG terminal, including all technical installations
  • power plants
  • sewage treatment and waste incineration plants

Our loss adjusters also deal with liability losses and consequential damage e.g. to adjoining property.

From vessels and yachts to offshore and dredging equipment

If it floats, we survey the loss and adjust the claim. Our loss adjusters are specialised in shipbuilding and marine engineering and have many years of experience as marine engineers, superintendents and construction project managers.

Hull & Machinery covers damage to

  • sea-going and inland vessels
  • (mega) yachts
  • historic vessels
  • fishing vessels
  • offshore and dredging equipment
  • floating objects
Damage caused during the construction and guarantee period of vessels

The loss adjusters dealing with claims under Marine New Building & Guarantee are specialised in shipbuilding and ship conversion projects. The claims they handle include:

  • sea-going and inland vessels
  • (mega) yachts
  • dredgers
  • work and crane vessels
  • naval vessels

Their activities also include liability losses, e.g. caused during launching and/or trial runs.

From cranes, sky-workers and excavators to heavy transport, drilling and pile-driving equipment

Extensive technical knowledge and experience is needed to deal with losses to

  • static and mobile cranes
  • sky-workers and scissor lifting platforms
  • agricultural equipment, dumpers, excavators and mechanical shovels
  • rolling stock and heavy transport equipment
  • (telescoping-boom) forklifts
  • drilling and pile-driving equipment
  • side booms (pipeline construction)
  • contractor’s and stevedoring equipment
  • any means of internal transport

Arntz | van Helden’s loss adjusters also deal with consequential damage to construction installations. Contacts with organisations such as the Dutch national police force enable us to relieve our client of track-and-trace work in case of theft.

Liquid, dry bulk, container and general cargoes

The wide variety in types of cargoes, all with their own specific properties and potential risks, as well as the numerous potential causes of damage requires the experience and expertise of Arntz | van Helden’s marine surveyors. We deal with any cargo claims related to transport by water, air and land (rail and road), including freight forwarders and hauliers liability.

Breakdown of electronic and mechanical machinery and equipment

Machinery and installations covered under Machinery Breakdown include:

  • gas and steam turbines
  • printing machines (sheet and rotary printing presses)
  • wind turbines
  • combustion engines
  • aircraft parts and engines
  • power plants
  • pumps, compressor, generators
  • cooling plants
  • steam boilers and waste gas boilers
  • incineration plants
  • low, medium and high voltage installations
  • transformers and substations
  • rolling stock

Our experienced loss adjusters have gained many years of practical experience as project managers and technical inspectors in the areas of gas turbine and steam turbine technology, electricity generation and transportation. We also support with the assessment of business interruption.

From computer networks and security installations to sound equipment and lighting installations

Our loss adjusters are specialised in electrical engineering and IT, dealing with losses caused by lightning and induction, fire, water and theft to e.g.

  • security installations
  • computer networks, mainframes and server centres
  • PLC control systems
  • desk top computers, notebooks and peripheral equipment
  • sound equipment and lighting installations

In addition to the services listed on this page, we advise on prevention related to overvoltage and lightning protection and organise inspections of overvoltage protection systems.

We combine our technical expertise with rapid (24/7) response, pro-active management of the claim, excellent communication and customised, objective reporting. We work closely with clients to develop services tailored to their specific needs.

If you have any questions, or are in need of high quality technical loss adjusting and surveying services, please do not hesitate to contact us at

T +31 10 241 60 60

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